Browser Based Workflow

Listen, assemble and test adaptive music live in your favorite browser. Experiment with different functions and parameters. Seamlessly switch between exploration, combat and menu music. Make your choice and export your game music project to Unity with a single click (other bindings follow).

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Avalon Adaptive Audio Engine Browser Based Workflow
Avalon Adaptive Audio Engine Browse Catalogue

Huge Library

Profit from the most comprehensive library of adaptive music on the web. Access the entire content of 1600+ minutes from your browser at any time.

Examples, please?

Unleash Your Creativity

Our modules offer various forms of adaptivity (Duration Retargeting, Reorchestration, Resequencing, Stinger Modules, Module LFOs, LUA Scripting, Single Modules, Multi-Modules, and much more).

Connect your game parameters individually to quality adaptive music. All contents of the library can be combined arbitrarily.

Listen for yourself

From thunder-like cinematic percussions and ecstatic string sections to seductive vocal parts and ethereal synthesizer arpeggios. From Industrial, through Urban and Sci-fi, to Fantasy and Fairy Tale. Avalon adds another layer of emotional depth to an immersive gaming experience.

Demo Video

Watch the video to see a prototype mock-up of our AVALON Adaptive Music Engine with the most basic features in action (The visual appearance is subject to change!). Integrate adaptive music at any stage of development.

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Immersive Experience

With Avalon, you create an atmosphere that is one layer of rich experience. Tell your stories through music.

No matter what’s next; once connected, the music follows the course of the game autonomously. All transitions sound perfect as if composed for the particular moment.

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